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unlocking your magic isn’t an easy path, but its worth it!

 Tammie is an international award-winning speaker who has spoken and facilitated at some of the most empowering events for women. She has been called activational and her work transformational.

Not just a mum to 3 wildlings, Tammie is also:

  • A wife
  • Entrepreneur 
  • Chief Editor of the Mumpreneur Movement Magazine
  • Author of two Published Books
  • Creator of Affirmation Activated Skincare,
  • Qoya Teacher
  • Reiki Healer
  • Intuitive
  • and not to mention a crazy animal lover.

Breaking the mould of what a ‘good’ woman, Tammie rose above limiting beliefs, depression and anxiety to now run successful businesses that takes her around the world empowering women.

Tammie’s accomplishments include her Mumpreneur Movement Digital Magazine that started in early 2019 that started out as an idea to support local Mum’s in busy, however it quickly grew to being read worldwide. It currently has had over 300,000 views in over 85+ countries. With over 6 million hours read. 

She also won an international award being an Iconic Woman Creating a Better World for All in New Delhi India at the Women’s Economic Forum.

She is a trusted and well respected workshop and retreat facilitator that saw Tammie co-facilitating at The Ultimate Girls Week Away retreat in Fiji with Key Speaker Elizabeth Gilbert, Being a guest speaker alongside the tenacious Fempreneur Lisa Messenger. Tammie is the creator of the Mumpreneur Movement Magazine. Her magazine is viewed all over the world (29+ countries), currently with over four million hours having been read and counting. Her latest accomplishment is creating a revolutionary co-authored booked Called Empowered Women Empowering the World.


Since 2015 Tammie has been inspiring the lives of thousands of others from around the world on & offline through her coaching, mentoring, courses, retreats, resources & events over the last 5 years.

Tammie knows what it is like to rise from the ashes after a childhood of being the ‘poor’ kid and coming from an abusive & drug affected childhood.

Her struggles including anxiety, post natal depression & low self-worth have led her on a journey of self-empowerment, self-love & self-discovery. Her learnings have made her teachings even more powerful because they are the steps she used herself to become empowered, to believe in herself & her visions. By doing so she was able to build her businesses to what they are today so she could create the life she lives today with her family.

Tammie’s obligation is to support others to step into their power by igniting their purpose, awakening their belief and recognising their potential to empower others.

Tammie believes that the new way to achieve sustainable success is through collaborations. My Success, creates our Success.



In 2018 I was honoured to be invited to be interviewed by Dr Lana Marconi for her spiritual Documentary Orenda. It is now a multi-award-winning documentary that has been watched thousands of times around the world.

bout This Film:

Behold the undeniable, intelligent, life force that flows through everything connecting all that is through vibration. This hidden power, called Orenda by Indigenous people, pulls us forward into higher realities of consciousness that includes: telepathic communication with advanced benevolent star nations, spontaneous healing, shapeshifting, directing nature at will, activating superhuman abilities, and engaging in other multi-dimensional experiences characteristic of the evolving new human desiring ultimate fulfilment.


Speaker panel with lisa messenger

Late 2018 I was asked to be a speaker on a panel with Lisa Messenger, Chris Black & Samantha Moir. We talked about anxiety and entrepreneurship in ‘Living on a knife’s edge’. (make sure to watch, can see my blooper?! HINT: It’s at the very end)

Published Magazine Issues

Published Books


Just wow. I called Tammie to chat delivering a STEM education program for her son and instead (as Tom wasn’t home) we got chatting about business. She absolutely blew me away with some incredible suggestions of how to market and promote to allow me to create a bigger impact in my programs. It took her only a matter of minutes to understand my business and offer such valuable insight that will transform how I operate from this point forward.
Thank you Tammie for being a personal inspiration of mine as well as being such an open, passionate and selfless business leader for many more people 😊
For anyone looking to transform their business I’d highly recommend you get in touch with Tammie! 👍


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Empowered women empowering the world

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March 2021

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